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Studio Series 2024

Sunnyvale Community Players and The Pear Theatre are proud to announce a call for submissions for Studio Series 2024, a training program for new directors from historically excluded backgrounds that provides an opportunity to grow as a director under the mentorship of seasoned professionals.


1-2 candidates will be chosen to direct a production of The Last 5 Years at Sunnyvale Community Players as a part of a mentorship process with Artistic Directors of Sunnyvale Community Players and The Pear Theatre, Thomas Times and Sinjin Jones, respectively. Chosen directors will shadow the two directors as they direct productions at The Pear and Sunnyvale Community Players while preparing and directing their own production, with extensive guidance every step of the way.

After completing the program, these directors will have priority consideration for directing projects in the respective theatre’s following season.


We are looking for directors who identify as members of historically excluded backgrounds and are early in their career - with no professional directing credits on their resume (experience in high school and college excepted).


  • Submissions open: August 4

  • Deadline to submit: August 21

  • Interviews held on a rolling basis.

  • Candidates chosen: August 28

  • Auditions: mid-September

  • Training and rehearsal: September - November, 2023

  • Rehearsals: Late November, 2023 - January, 2024

  • Show run: January 26 - January 28, 2024



Each director will receive a total of $700 for their participation in this program. If one director is chosen they will receive a total of $1200. 


To submit, follow the link below to submit the information below. Submission deadline is August 21, 2023 at 5:00 pm.

  • Resume and Bio of submitting artist (a significant amount of experience is not necessary [this is a mentorship process], just want to know a little bit about you).

  • An Artist Statement: what is it you stand for as an artist, why do you do what you do.

    • Name and Summary of Project: The summary of the project should include a brief (150 - 200 words) synopsis of the play being proposed.

  • The Why: A brief description of why - based on your knowledge of this program and the respective theater(s)’s - this program aligns with your background and your goals as an artist.

  • A full Director’s Proposal containing:

    • A description of what you think the proposed play is about, themes you’d like to explore, and what the casting requirements would be.

    • A description of the technical elements you’d be interested in utilizing for this production.

    • A brief description of how you think you’d work with the Vocal Director for this project.

    • A brief description on how you imagine the costuming of the project to look.

    • Why you are the right person to helm this production  - your personal investment.

  • A brief description of how you would approach blocking one of the following five songs from the show:

    • “Summer in Ohio”

    • “See I’m Smiling”

    • “The Next Ten Minutes”

    • “Moving Too Fast”

    • “Still Hurting”


Resources: Directors Vision, Blocking

Submission Deadline: August 21, 2023 at 5:00 pm


Please email or 

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