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About Us

Established in 1969, SCP is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality theater for the Sunnyvale community. SCP offers participatory performance and backstage support opportunities for both Sunnyvale residents and interested non-residents of all ages.

Each year SCP produces four or five shows. Each of these shows draws cast, crew, backstage volunteers, and audience members from a wide range of local communities. These productions will use the talents of over 300 cast, crew, staff, and orchestra members and will entertain an expected audience in excess of 8,000.

SCP is also very proud of its junior production program and produces 1-2 junior productions for ages 8-18 as part of every season. The opportunities that we provide to our community youth through our Junior productions are unmatched in the local area.

Our sponsors and donors have always been a critical part of our success. Donation contributions and ticket sales account for more than 95% of our income. SCP is run entirely by volunteers and well over 95% of our expenses are directly related to producing our shows. In order to maintain our over half-century commitment to providing theater opportunities for the community, we need your support. Learn more about becoming an SCP donor

SCP Board of Directors

Executive Team

President: Sam Saunders

Vice President: Aaron Weisberg

Treasurer: Inga Lysaya

Secretary: Katie Elder


Board Members

Ramesh Krishnan

Bob Martin

Ronnie Misra

Lauren Sweet

Artistic Director

Thomas Times

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