50 Seasons Ago:

The Hobbit (Jr), November - December, 1971

The Hobbit is a play adapted from J.R.R. Tolkien’s books, and centers around the predicaments of Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, who leaves his peaceful life and sets off on a far-wandering adventure filled with marvels and strange terrors.


SCP's performance was directed by Donna Zenobia Saffir, with feature roles acted by Scott Barron, Scott Sterling, Julie Silliman and Paul Pederson.  11 performances  were staged at  Bishop School Auditorium, 450 N. Sunnyvale Ave.  Tickets were $1 and could be purchased at Marie’s Educational Materials, 195 S. Murphy.  1148 tickets were sold.

The Hobbit.png

The Land of the Dragon, April - May, 1972

Land of the Dragon is a story of a young Chinese princess who faces the loss of her kingdom to her aunt unless she marries before her 18th birthday. Conspiracy reigns as the aunt tries to prevent the marriage, and soon there are conspiracies within conspiracies as other members of the court attempt to gain control of the kingdom. Further complicating the plot are dragons, and a young suitor who determines the fate of the princess.


SCP staged 9 performances, including 2 days that had 3 performances each! Venues were the same as with The Hobbit. The show was sponsored in part by  the Sunnyvale PTA. 1552 tickets were sold.

Land of the Dragon.png