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Since its inception in 1969, SCP has maintained an open-door policy, welcoming volunteers of all ages to participate in its programs as cast members, production staff, board members, and more. Every season, every show, we have volunteers that help us in extraordinary ways, and we thank them with these awards. If you want to help us and possibly earn a spot on this hall of fame, learn about volunteer positions.

The Sandi Award

The Sandi award was created and named after a parent who volunteered to help SCP with a production in any capacity. It is awarded for each show.

  • Camelot (April 2022): Brian Healy

  • Legally Blonde (Mar 2022): Diana Savastio

  • Big Fish (Oct 2021): Dan Rich

  • West Side Story (Sept 2021): Mary Carroll and Rose Madsen

  • Once On This Island (Dec 2020): Jessica Herrera and Kyrie Timbrook

  • Freaky Friday (Feb 2020): Inga Lysaya

  • Urinetown (Oct 2019): Skyler Riordan

  • Jekyll & Hyde (Sept 2019): Lauren Sweet

  • The Wiz (April 2019): Tricia Tani

  • Bye Bye Birdie (Feb 2019): Charles Seegel

  • Cabaret (Nov 2018): Blaire Chennault

  • Grease: (Sept 2018) Mark Levert

  • La Cage aux Folles (April 2018): Raissa Marchetti-Kozlov

  • Addams Family (Feb 2018): Kent Johnson

  • Avenue Q (Nov 2017): Dan Singletary

  • Fiddler on the Roof (Sept 2017): David Mitchell

  • The Drowsy Chaperone (2017):  Kevin Davies

  • Shrek (2017):  Kathy Stiles and Mari DeLaurier

  • Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson (2016):  Jaake Margo

  • Spring Awakening (2016):  Tony Gaitan

The Virginia Hannum President’s Award

Virginia Hannum put SCP together back in 1969 and served as a dedicated president for many years. In recognition for all her hard work, this award was made to honor and celebrate individuals going above and beyond the call of duty to keep SCP going strong.

  • 2022: Peter Wallack

  • 2021: Brenda Jackson and Bruce Campbell

  • 2020: Bill Rupel

  • 2019: Bob Martin

  • 2018: Barbara Moline

  • 2017:  Patti Reed

The Neal McCaw Volunteer of the Year Award

Neal McCaw was an SCP President when he passed away in 1983. Soon after this award was named after him in honor of his dedication to SCP. He was one of the instrumental contributors who volunteered tons of hours that helped SCP become the great organization it is today.

  • 2022: Libby Brill

  • 2021: Alyssa Houston and Peter Wallack

  • 2020: Peter Wallack

  • 2019: Dave Mitchell

  • 2018: Mike Bijore

  • 2017: Hailey Henson

The Shapiro Bringing It Beyond Award

This award was created to acknowledge board members or a member at large of SCP who emotes that ‘above and beyond’ dedication to SCP as a company, and overall quality of the season. A person with the Shapiro understanding and work ethic, that "always say yes" improv spirit with the openness to work with all people the best they can.

  • 2022: Inga Lysaya

  • 2021: Inga Lysaya

  • 2020: Lauren Sweet

  • 2019:  Steve & Marcie Shapiro

The Shapiro Standing Ovation Award

This award was created to recognize the hard work of individuals who emote that ‘above and beyond’ dedication to producing high quality productions, and contributing to the innovative mindset that carries SCP into the future. This is a person with the Shapiro understanding and work ethic, that "always say yes" improv spirit!

  • 2022:  Stephanie Chang, Asha lamanque, Phyllis Schmit, Jo-Ann Birdsall, Ramesh Krishnan, and Sheila Martin

  • 2021: Jen Tipton, Cindy Weisberg and Casey Keys

  • 2020: Charlotte Tani and Anastasia Savastio

  • 2019: Libby Brill, Skyler Riordan and Mike Bjorge

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